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The decision to purchase an RV Life can be a daunting one. There are, after all, many different things to consider: do you want a camper van, or a motorhome? Do you need storage space for bikes and kayaks? Would it be better to have solar panels and more leisure battery power? Which engine size is best for the intended usage? Where are you going to stay in the meantime while you save up enough money for your dream vehicle?

But one of the easiest decisions is which RV Life manufacturer will provide the safest product.

Characteristics You Might Need for Your RV Life

  1. Security

All RV Life manufacturers provide solid security to prevent theft.

  1. Spare Parts

All RV Life manufacturers have a rule that you must have a spare tire, and that spare tire must be on the vehicle at all times. In the event of an accident with your vehicle, you will be able to fix the damage to your own rig and continue on your way more quickly.

  1. Battery power 

For laptops and electronics electrical appliances 

  1. Backup fuel 
  2. Spare wheels
  3. Roof Rack 
  4. Roof Awnin
  5. Kitchen appliances and cabinetry 
  6. Built-in Furniture 

Such as the bed, chairs, wardrobe and desk etc. Might be made of plywood or particle board which can get wet over time, creating a dry environment for molds to grow especially if you travel in areas where it rains a lot . All windows might not be seal water tight from the inside leading to water damage over time..

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